Friday, February 27, 2009

A few photos from yesterday and the amazing weather we've had the last few days. Too bad it's chilly now and getting only colder! Joel of course doesn't look sick in the photos, but was sick most of this week with fever and a cough. He missed school all week and we took it easy here at home. We did go outside and play a bit. He found a feather floating and thought it was so funny to put it on his nose! I think the fever is gone and he's feeling much better today. Yeah! A week at home in the house is not my idea of fun, but we made it.
On another note, today I am 20 weeks....halfway point in this pregnancy. That is good news! I can't believe March is almost here and am looking forward to spring. Enjoying this phase of pregnancy. No sickness and feeling pretty good most of the time. I can't really complain. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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