Thursday, July 31, 2008


Today was the last day of swimming lessong this summer. Joel has been going for 6 weeks now and went from being afraid of getting into the pool the first day to actually being able to swim! Of course he can't swim the length of the pool yet, but he can put his face in the water and keep himself swimming to reach the side all by himself (instead of sinking like a rock!). It's been a great experience. He made some great friends, including his instructor David. David was kind, patient and so great with Joel. During one session (2 weeks) the class was only Joel, his friend Journey, and then David the instructor. So it was almost like having private lessons. That's when Joel really started learning. Below are a few pictures from this last day.

Joel and David.

Journey, David, and Joel

Joel with Journey

Joel being a helper and picking up all the noodles!

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