Thursday, April 24, 2008


Four years old. Happy Birthday my sweet boy. Four...I just can't take it in. You are such a big boy now. So independent and learning to do things on your own everyday. Yesterday you called me into the bathroom where daddy was giving you a bath just to let me know you can now wash your hair all by yourself. You are finally going to the potty (yeah). All the little milestones that tell me you are growing up a little more everyday... right before my eyes.
Tonight we went to Musashi's (our favorite restaurant) and celebrated with our friends there. Musashi's is a second home for our family. The people who work there are some of our dearest friends and really love Joel. And we love them. Here are a few pics from the birthday celebrations.

Birthday Party at school on Tuesday.

New bike from mom and dad.

Playing with new Buzz!

Cat and David at Musashi's

Joel getting ready to blow out the candles!

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